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Xceptol CBD

Xceptol CBD Capsules

Xceptol CBD Capsules

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CBD Capsules

Xceptol CBD Capsules are formulated with our bioenhanced CBD and represent the next generation of CBD capsules. By using our water compatible CBD, Xceptol Capsules are able to be formulated with a water-compatible CBD Powder instead of CBD in oil. This helps give our CBD Capsules 300% improved absorption over traditional CBD oil capsules. Xceptol CBD Capsules also have the added benefit of a faster onset of effects and can last for significantly longer than CBD oil capsules without losing its potency!* Available in 100mg CBD and 25mg CBD sizes to easily find your ideal dose!

CBD Capsules Reimagined

• CBD Capsules with 300%+ better absorption than traditional CBD oil capsules!*

• Convenient and fast acting

• Available in two sizes - 25mg CBD/capsule and 100mg CBD/capsule with 30 capsules in each bottle

• Gluten Free CBD

• Vegan rice-flour capsule casing

Formulated with
Bioenhanced CBD

Xceptol CBD Capsules are formulated with the next generation of CBD. By combining CBD with a water soluble absorption enhancer, the CBD gains significant advantages over traditional CBD oil capsules such as a minimum of 300% improved absorption and faster onset of effects!*

Ingredients: Cannabidiol from Hemp, Rice Flour, Cyclodextrin

Frequently Asked

CBD Capsule Questions

How are CBD capsules different from CBD oil or tinctures?

CBD Capsules work in the same way as CBD Drops/Oils - they are simply in a convenient, easy-to-take capsules for people who prefer that method of ingestion. Xceptol CBD Capsules are produced with the same high quality CBD found in our CBD Drops.

Are CBD capsules or oils effective for anxiety, stress, pain or other ailments?

While there is a wealth of anecdotal information on this topic, researchers are currently studying the medical effects products such as CBD Capsules can have. Results are pending and it remains illegal for companies to make medical claims about cannabinoids such as CBD.

Is CBD legal to use?

Xceptol CBD Capsules are legal to purchase in all 50 states because our CBD is derived from hemp and we are compliant with all federal and state regulation. CBD Capsules sourced from marijuana remain illegal under federal law, but are legal under many state laws.

2Cyte CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) Reimagined

All Xceptol products are built on the groundbreaking "2CYTE Technology" that has been successfully applied to the cannabidiol molecule, producing the next generation of CBD. By combining CBD with a water soluble absorption enhancer, the CBD gains significant advantages over traditional CBD such as a minimum of 300% improved absorption, faster onset of effects, and dramatically increased shelf life. - current regulations prevent us from providing a direct link

Improved Absorption
  • • Has 300% increased absorption when consumed compared to traditional cannabidiol CBD*
  • • When applied to the skin, shows at least a 400% increase in topical absorption*
  • • Increased absorption properties typically result in faster onset of effects*
Increased Shelf Life
  • • CBD complexed with 2Cyte Technology maintains its potency with a shelf-life of over 2 years
  • • Traditional cannabidiol CBD maintains its potency for as few as 4 months
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