Understanding Sleep And Insomnia With Dr. Lucinda Sykes

Understanding Sleep And Insomnia With Dr. Lucinda Sykes

Sleeping Better

Sleep is very important for the mind, in this episode Dr. Lucinda Sykes discusses the many complexities of sleep from the mind to the brain and the chemicals in between. We all suffer at times from sleepless nights, tossing and turning only to just lay there staring at the ceiling. It turns out this issue with sleep only gets worse as you get older. You see Dr. Sykes has studied for years the related causes for sleeplessness in women over 50. 

The older you get the harder it becomes to get a full nights rest, in her words the medical community thought this to be normal but has recently discovered it's not the case. Less sleep specifically less than 6 hours a night habitually causes serious changes in the chemistry of your brain. Over time the evidence suggests this lack of a full nights rest in those over 50 leads to Dementia and other illnesses associated with the brain. 

Dr. Sykes was kind enough to share a study done on 8000 people in Europe, it was there they discovered that those with poor sleeping habits over time had increased the likely hood of Dementia symptoms by 30% which is huge. This may require more study and research but the figure of 30% is quite compelling to say the least. Perhaps one day we can eradicate such a disease like Dementia

There's quite a bit of information online regarding sleep and it's importance for the brain as well as the body. We talk in great length about it's importance but also discussed the issues with medication for sleep, the reality is using any chemicals to solve your immediate problems may ultimately do more harm than good. Dr. Sykes spoke about the intricate relationship between sleep, the chemicals they product naturally and how medications disrupt the natural homeostasis of what the brain does all on it's own. 

We further delved into the topic of sleep and sleep aid supplements such as cannabis or CBN cannabinoids a derivative of cannabis which has grown in popularity recently. Evidence continues to suggest that it's better to have a healthy relationship with cannabis or cannabinoids as even those change your brain chemistry. They may help for a while but when they don't it's the direct indicator that you may have used it too much.

The bottom line is you should get more sleep, as Dr. Sykes puts it cultivate better habits for your sleep now so that when you get older and above 50 you would have saved yourself from those increased odds of Dementia.

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