THC Drug Screening Banned For Jobs: Cannabis News Now

THC Drug Screening Banned For Jobs: Cannabis News Now

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In today's cannabis news now episode there policy changes that have come to pass just this Sunday here in the state of California that puts an end to drug screening of THC or cannabis. This change brings forth a new era of acceptance to cannabis use. The Bill is aimed to remove all decision making when it comes to hiring and firing of workers who consume cannabis products when clocked out of work.

It's clear the Golden state is progressively implementing huge changes that are more lenient towards cannabis use versus the recent Bill he vetoed which attempted to bring more safe drug spaces where users of heroin and fentanyl can safely get high without risking overdose. This decision marks California as the 7th state to implement such a change to the cannabis laws.

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In a recent gathering of world powers the President of Columbia took aim at the drug wars which have gone on for half a century with millions of lives impacted by the actual use or abuse of the substances, the associated health risks, death and the obvious life ruining criminal charges. He said publicly in Spanish "Democracy is at great risk if the world powers do not end the war on drugs and approach it with a new strategy" we'll see if it materializes in any way though it'll take time. 

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The psychedelic reforms are continuing across the nation with yet another city in Georgia. Law makers suggested a decriminalization approach of psilocybin mushrooms ending for good the wasted resources of law enforcement on targeting innocent people. In this episode I include the testimonials of 2 people who were present at the discussions in Atlanta, Georgia advocating for such a policy change.

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