Interview Clip Dr. Michael Fenster: The Bliss Point How Processed Food Is Made

Interview Clip Dr. Michael Fenster: The Bliss Point How Processed Food Is Made

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What is the bliss point of human experience surrounding all plants, substances, drugs and food? Today we will learn more about a term little known by the average person it's called the bliss point. Everything we interact with can produce chemicals in our brain, when it's positive we feel good and we feel bad when it's negative. The key to understanding how these things in our lives effect us we should take a look inward first.

Inside our mind and body we are made up of neurons, chemicals and cells all performing complex tasks every single day. To learn more about how these chemicals work when you consume everything in sight you must checkout the clip of Dr. Fenster, he describes the evolutionary changes in our species diet and how it is we made it here to a modern civilization utilizing industrialized techniques for agriculture to food processing and more.

"The convenience is a huge factor" he says adding that the way these foods are made today are engineered to be hyper palatable, "in other words addictive".

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The truth is though we only covered food in this episode much of everything in our lives work the same way. I believe it's time to share and educate as many people about addiction, biology and how we can use what we have learned to overcome some of these challenges of today because traditionally when we think of addiction we think of substance or alcohol abuse, this is where I see the issue. Addiction isn't based on the substance it's primarily attributed to our biology this is why we can develop habits around virtually anything.

This is also how we are taken advantage of being we are driven by chemicals, emotions and desires it isn't too difficult to do when many of us govern our lives in such a way.

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