How Plants Are Used Medicinally With Michael Thornhill

How Plants Are Used Medicinally With Michael Thornhill

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There many plants on this planet we may never discover, the expense of exploration then the associated research is far too high. I recall in a podcast Neil Tyson the famous astrophysicist had said 9 times out of 10 if we consumed a arbitrary plant out in the wilderness there's a good chance it may get us high.

However on the other hand which of those could also be utilized in a medicinal fashion. That is the greater question for today's episode where the great healer of Casa Galactica Michael Thornhill joins me to discuss the new changes he and his cofounder have designed to their awesome Ayahuasca Retreat Center.

Along the way we will discuss the advantages of exploring plant medicines such as Ayahuasca to help in healing deep trauma in the body, the mind and the spirit.

I personally wanted to understand about the techniques he uses, the plants themselves he never mentions out loud I guess that can be deemed proprietary information too closely tied to how the retreat performs and provides for it's clients but I can't help but wonder. Also another curiosity was whether or not there is any current research and development or advancement using the plants within the jungle.

There were several noteworthy points in this episode that I'm glad we touched up on, one where Michael discusses a specific individuals experience at his retreat recently.

This person was suffering from cancer, what type I don't recall probably in the episode but the techniques he introduced to help promote, encourage, further, support and cleanse this person's body along with the plant medicines he offered had sent the cancer into remission. I know it sounds like a miracle because cancer is one of the most challenging illnesses to treat in western medicine.

According to Michael by the time her stay was over and she flew back home she had discovered the cancer was non existent. I asked him to elaborate on the particular methods used to help her and from what I recall there were numerous parts to it. From the physical to the emotional down to the very food consumed while at the retreat all touched up on areas that helped this person heal from within.

What is important to note based on what Michael had said was though it went into remission it can always come back if this person reverts back to the life styles that contributed to the illness. 

It's always great to have Michael Thornhill on the show to discuss the many things that plague people today. He and his cofounder were the first to point out whatever the illness there's a plant for that.

Thanks for the ears, eyes and your time

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