Best Way To Improve Sleep And Reduce Insomnia in 2022 - What Is CBN

Best Way To Improve Sleep And Reduce Insomnia in 2022 - What Is CBN

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Millions of people worldwide suffer from sleepless nights, night after night, the options are typical you have Melatonin a chemical found in plants but also found in the brains of animals. Melatonin is known to regulate sleep and wake cycles in animals but for people theres little research found. If your one of these individuals suffering with sleepless nights, runaway thoughts and have tried either Melatonin or Ambien you know these may not be as effective as you'd like also considering the Ambien can be habit forming with a multitude of other symptoms long term.

I've noticed that with Melatonin the general doses are low and it's costs can be quite high if you need higher amounts to begin regulating your sleep cycles. There are the obvious things you can do which is exercise, eat better and try numerous other dietary supplements but what if I told you a little known compound which has worked forever on people is now available to you, would you try it. I know some would jump for the opportunity to try something anything that could help alleviate their insomnia.

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This little known Cannabinoid is and has always been right in front of our face it's called CBN and is known to help improve sleep in people. The reason we know it's been known to help people is because it was one of the many cannabinoids found in cannabis but the difference here is that CBN does not have psychoactive effects in small doses nor does it show on any drug screenings for work related purposes.

What is more fascinating about this is that when we had medical cannabis all the cannabinoids were in the cannabis we purchased for medicine, when smoked the CBN is activated and it commonly known to us stoners as burnout but we just didn't understand back then that it was actually a naturally occurring compound that promotes sleep, well now we know and after six months of trials I can say it's highly effective, non habit forming and a great natural alternative.

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